Springer Simmental females are selected for their mothering ability, udder quality, structural soundness, and fertility. Traits that EPD's do not consider!!!  Our females and especially donors keep their calves next to them until the day they are weaned. This ensures that their offspring do not get sick while they continue to be excellent mothers with each new generation.  Every first calf heifer is expected to immediately lick off their newborn calf and have it nurse within an hour of birth, without exception, or they are culled from our operation. We do not tolerate poor quality udders or structural problems especially with feet and legs that can be passed on to offspring.  We compliment these females with above average EPD's in an efficient and easy keeping package.  For females with the integrity to produce herdsires and donors, continue to watch our website for upcoming information and lot listings for our sale.  Pictures and videos will soon be online.

Our mission statement has become simply: “VALUE BASED GENETICS".  Every selection criteria we use has an economic benefit or cost. Selecting for phenotype only without considering feed efficiency, reproductive efficiency, carcass, or growth would be disastrous just as ignoring phenotype would limit marketing.  Our goal is to produce the best females possible by multiplying proven cow families and incorporating value parameters on their performance.

The success of our family operation and it’s importance to you is a prime example of the strong commitment to our mission statement.  As a result of our success, we have a lot of information to bring you.  Be sure to check back often as we will continue to update you on the status of our operation, services, and products that we have to offer.

Jeff Springer & Family

2014 National Western Stock Show
Pen of 5 Champion


Value Based Genetics Private Treaty Bull Sale

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