Wow!!! What an exciting time to be in the cattle business. Our customers are enjoying record weaning weights on top of record prices. Our goal for 35 years has been to produce herd sires that sire calves with excellent vigor and consistent birth weights enabling maximum weaning weights. We have always prioritized three major things: reproduction, structure, and efficient growth. Boy has that paid off with some of the largest nonadjusted scrotals the breed has to offer. We offer bulls and females with large hooves and bone that are structurally correct enabling longevity. It is commonplace for five to seven year old bulls from Springer Simmentals still servicing cows. Our average daily gains on a forage based ration makes it easy to see why our bulls produce calves that excel in the feedlot. Springer Simmentals offers the complete package with epd’s and carcass traits that are attractive to even the most discriminating buyer.

We offer more natural muscle than you will find almost anywhere else in the breed. We all like to talk and discuss different cattle issues, but we are in the beef and meat business. Doesn’t matter if you produce feeder cattle or fats, efficiently producing beef maximizes profits!!!

Please view videos of our cattle at then call and tell me what you think. We value feedback to make needed changes for maximum customer profitability.

Our warranty policy is second to none. In the last 3 years we have warranted 1, 3 yr old bull that hurt his shoulder for Dave Riehle, Calmar, Iowa, a valued customer .Feel free to ask Dave about his experience; we will make sure your cows get bred!!!!

Jeff Springer

2014 National Western Stock Show
Pen of 5 Champion


Sale Of Value Based Genetics
February 6, 2016
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